Meet Siobhan

Getting Started

This clinic has been a real passion project for me, not to mention my amazing supportive friends.  In two years it has developed from a lovely idea, to a real life working clinic!  

During these two years, friends have helped me to raise funds for my training and equipment, I have studied Anatomy and Physiology, I have been to the Edinburgh School of Beauty to train as an electrologist and October 2017, I qualified. 

Since then, I have been working on the business aspects of Electrolysis by Siobhan as well as keeping up my practice on some lovely friends of mine to maintain and improve my skills so that I’d be ready for when Electrolysis by Siobhan was open for business, and I’m so excited that that time is now!

Why electrolysis?

Firstly, I think it’s important to say that I view electrolysis for trans people as a healthcare service. 

As a trans woman, my own experiences of hair removal services and those of many trans people, particularly trans feminine people that I know and have spoken with, have been disappointing, disempowering or downright traumatic.  

These are the experiences that have motivated me to create a space where you can feel confident that electrolysis, which has the potential to be distressing in the best of circumstances, can be carried out with respect, care and consent at it’s core.

Looking to the future

Right now, to be able to offer trans people a safer space to access electrolysis at more affordable rates than usual, is a bit of a dream come true, but I am still planning for the next stages.

The higher two tiers of payment will support the business, allow me to have sick pay when I need it etc. but ideally, I would like to see any surplus money, depending how much there is, going towards a seed fund which can help other trans people in other cities train in electrolysis to enable them to start similar projects, and I also want to work towards being able to offer free treatments to people who need them.

So here's to the future of trans healthcare!


Just for fun!

Some silly facts about me:

  • I live with 4 cats! David, Roland, Mo and Frank (This is David)     

  • I bake a pretty mean vegan cake

  • I can usually be found knitting on my commute to Manchester

  • I love to read fiction with trans characters, have you read Otter Lieffe or Imogen Binnie?

  • I am singing along to the Spook School as I write this

  • Ik probeer Nederlands te leren! (I am trying to learn Dutch!)